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Parking Lot Injuries Caused by Poor Maintenance

  Parking lots can be dangerous . One of the causes of injury and death is actually motor vehicle collisions. The other cause of injury is a trip and fall. Some parking lots are kept in such disarray that serious collisions are essentially inevitable. Large potholes and damaged, deteriorating cement parking blocks can cause drivers […]

CSL Motorcycle Accident Attorney’s Handle Concussion and Brain Injury Cases

Concussion & Brain Injuries A concussion or brain injury can be clear from the outset if there is what’s called a penetrating brain injury – there is a physical object in your brain as the result of an accident. Likely as not, if you’re reading this, you probably know if this is was the case. […]

CSL is The Motor Cycle Accident Law Firm

C&S is The Motor Cycle Accident Law Firm in Philadelphia.   We have been handling motor cycle accident litigation for decades. We win difficult cases, using the best experts available. Call 215-240-6227 for your motorcycle accident case evaluation today!

CSL Recovers for Bicycle Rider

        Head on : Bike with Car Collision John Gavella was riding his bicycle with illuminated headlight in a dimly lit shopping mall when a motor vehicle made an illegal turn which threw our client to the ground.  As a result of this accident, Mr. Gavella suffered a serous fracture of his […]

Dedicated to Their Clients

Tom Ricca reviewed Cooper & Schall, P.C. —August 16, 2015 ·   These guys work very hard and are extremely dedicated to their clients. If you ever need legal representation this is the first place you should look. The whole team at Cooper and Schall will be there for you in every way possible.